BRM0107 Tha Chin 200 - 2018 Report Final part

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Hello, I would like to continue reporting.

10:42 CP2 (102km)
3hours before the time limit.

I left CP2 at 11:15, 

To go to goal within total 10hours, 
I should run from here within 5hours 45min
and 18km/h ave speed.

It's not impossible for me, I hope
so I decided to aim it.( ̄ー ̄)fu fu...

Thought it will be hot afternoon, but not.
Instead, headwind.

and more, black cloud grew,
it finally starts raining after few minutes
Is it dry season now in Bangkok,  chai mai ? (-ー;)

I think it must be the gift from god to cool down.

But the road condition turns to wet soon,
and gets muddy
my bake also gets muddy...(- -;)

I enjoyed cooling down for few minutes, 
but weather has tuned well soon.
it must be hot (-"ー;)
Ups... already 40 degree !
Is it the best season for cycling in Thailand, chai mai ?

I gradually damaged by rain, headwind, and hotness.
Finally reached CP3, dizzily now..

When I'm wondering to find the stamp place, 
that accident happens.


(・0・;) what ?

clunk !
Ouch (-ー;)
Crush and turn over.
This gap brought me an accident.
Is it need this gap ? ... can't believe.
But Thailand person rush to me with very kind word,
and fixed the bicycle trouble.

Many thanks. 
They are always kind (^^).
Today's main spot (?). CP3

also can get a special support from brevet stuff here,  
nice cold drink, and
Crushed ice.

This ice treated me very much.
I've already lost my motivation under severe condition,
but these special support gave me a tremendous refreshment.
"Tha Chin" river. 
The theme of this brevet.
I was also treated by these good scene.
But still hot.
I lost my motivation again by a mischief of god.
I can't keep enough speed ← actually due to rack of my skill
Some group often passed me,
and I try to follow them at this good chance,
but they have always left without me...
mm... 30km/h over at this phase is too fast, I think.

When I'm willing to turn the corner, 
found one lady who joined this event at first time.

It looks like she don't know the right way to go,
so I suggested it.

She can speak English, we talked each background.
and cheer each other up, and we're separate.

This kind of a wonderful encounter is also the best 
part of brevets event.
I have been worn out with long ride.

There's no way to take a rest...

Cora. 12THB.
I like bottle, but can't see it from 30years ago in Japan.
I'm glad to meet my lovely buddy.

Thailand cyclist also wore the water from his head.
They must be used to this hotness, but it looks that 
this temperature is also hot for them..(^^;)
To get a cool, I tried to find the water scene,
the bridge on the river...
the pond with lotus...
It's pity not to see the flower.
The scene is good, but I hate this one.
How can I name it?
The things which notices the alarm to car driver.
It is a super obstacle!
It hits my hand directory, and difficult to escape.

I've met them more than 100times in this ride.

Really hindrance (-皿-).

Running with that complain, 
my leg power has already sold out.
How can I do?

When I look up forehead,
The group coming ――(゚∀゚)――!!。
I must follow them. ←NG with Brevet rule

No, today is the day to enjoy cycling.

and when I see this scene in front of me
Super Kindness of gentle man,
(he supports her with his hand)

this is not a stuffy or strict topic of "group running",

Love or Philanthropy itself !

That's why, 
I also follow this train to get love support...←don't play

By the way, the topic of "Run within 10hours"
I'm already in a safety zone at 15km left.

It will be good souvenir for me, I laughed 

but unfortunately a call came from my customer,
I cannot help to catch that call...

Why he call me at this timing? 
and it looks like long call.(-ー;).

30 min call as I imaged...

I've lost my dream "within 10 hours"....(T T) ←Due to my poor leg 
and this brevet is not 200km, but 210km.

No chance to run within 10Hours.

But I run as fast as my legs can carry me.

I could get a certification with 10Hours 13min.

Damn!  if no call...(-"ー)..
Brevets staff gave me two oranges at the reception.

Very nice, I love them.
It seeps into every fiber of my being (°皿°) ~!

Many thanks for the Brevets stuff.

I can get various experience from this event.
and I finally get a certificate of Brevets in Thailand (^^)v.

See you again at another Brevets
Bye ヽ(´▽`)/

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