BRM0107 Tha Chin 200 - 2018 Report 1st part

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I usually write a Japanese blog.
But this event has been taken place in Thailand by Audax Thailand.

many Cyclist joined this event, 
so I try to write the report in (my poor) English.

If you remember this orange vest,
feel free to add a comment. 
I definitely reply.
from Massan 
I got up at 4:30 am, and depart my home at 5:30.
Go to there by Taxi.
This BRM200 was taken place near from my home.
So I don't prepare anything without Ride environment.
Breakfast at convenience shop.
There was many Brevets Runners(^^).
Charged by the Red Bull which was the original in Thailand.
15 THB par 1bottle.
I think it will be reasonable price, compare to Japan (50THB). 

Registration at start point.
I cannot believe this number of participant.
744 from Thailand Audax HP...mm.. (°°;)

Maximum 100 or 200 in Japan...
Start with huge number of participant.
Gate opened at 7:00.
Wait and see at first.
It's cloud today.
But comfortable to ride.
It must be the ceremony of this event( ̄- ̄)  ← Definitely not

45km to CP1.
to save my power, 
I followed the end position of various team to avoid a wind resist.
this strategy makes me go with Ave. 29.7km/h speed.
... it was over my ability.
arrived at CP1 without any pain.
when I asked the stuff about stamp,
they asked me " How long...." by Thailand language.

sorry. what ?  (-ー;) you mean my entry number ?

no?... let me see...

OK, I got it (・∀・) ! 
the distance from Start point, right ?

We have to ask them stamp with GPS distance.
I've learned something new, thanks.
I could get Stamp and Banana without fail.
and, Brevets staff prepares the water to our bottle,
and, they may think just water will not be easy to drink
so prepares the powder to fill in the bottle, too
and more, many ice...
I cannot believe this is the Brevet event with these warm support.
Many thanks for this event staff kindness.
go to CP2, 57km far from CP1.

I would like to slow down speed, 
because it was very high for me.
Beautiful green carpet and blue sky.
I usually run around Bangkok city area,
so first time for me to ride Thailand suburb,

My impression of Thailand has dramatically changed.

There's few car, and road condition was very good,
it's perfect situation for riding, I think.
What farm is this ?
I feel some smell of Coriander...(^^;)
Weather was getting well.
good to see the blue sky, but..
No shadow...big issue for us.
Still morning time, so not hot but
I will die in the afternoon ...(´・ω・`; )

I run with that kind of thinking...
 arrived CP2. ← your finger
I got 3hours advance from close time.
It must be over speed for my poor reg power.
to feed my leg, let's take a rest here for long time.

Lunch was served at CP2.
No charge .. really (・O・)?
Amazing Thailand brevets. Very enrichment service.
I got many meal without refrain.

How about the taste of this meal ?

Munching.... Delicious----! (T^T)v.

OK. let's go 2nd round with this good condition.


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